Introduction to Mobile App Development

Introduction to Mobile App Development

We are in a digital age where almost everyone owns a smart phone or a tablet. Smartphones are even projected to be 6 times more popular than laptop computers. Mobile app development is thus any business’ solution to establishing an online presence and effectively engage customers.

Mobile application development is the process of creating software meant to run on smart phones and tablets. Mobile app development entails writing codes in programming and markup languages such as C3, Jave, Swift, and HTML5. The dominant software operating systems are Android and iOs. This means that majority of the mobile app builders and mobile app development companies create applications that are compatible to run on iPhones and other Android phones. Android phones are supported by Google mobile service, while iOs work on iPhones;

Smart phone app development companies take into consideration various aspects when creating an app. E-commerce apps developers may prioritize a responsive design and automated backend features. For gaming apps, the balance between high-quality graphics and mobile graphic processor capacity is key. For mobile banking application development, two crucial features must be present: security and simplicity.

The best iPhone and Android app development companies make use of the latest mobile app development technologies in order to customize software according to your specific business needs.

Mobile apps are either accessed through a mobile web browser, or downloaded from a mobile app store. However, many mobile app builders recommend a native app – that is, one that is not accessible through a mobile browser. Mobile web browser apps can be more accessible and economical, but the apps downloaded from the app stores have more customizable features.

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