Latest Mobile App Development Technologies

Latest Mobile App Development Technologies

The advent of the digital age came with unprecedented demands from consumers and users alike. This is why mobile application development must hinge on only the most up-to-date technology to provide exceptional functionality. Here are the top three technologies that the best application development companies, firms, and agencies incorporate in their mobile app development.

iCloud Keychain for Digital Security

Customers want a safe yet convenient mechanism for online purchases and secure log-ins. To achieve this, mobile app builders integrate various authentication technology in mobile apps such as OTP generation, password recovery, and accessing passwords memorized by the device. One of the latest mobile app development technologies in digital security is Apple’s iCloud Keychain, which safely helps customers save and access their passwords across iOS devices using Touch ID authentication.

Personal Recommendations Using Predictive Analytics

Various eCommerce app developers and other smartphone app development companies use predictive analysis. This means that information about a consumer’s present engagement with the app is calculated to predict the same consumer’s future engagement. For example, the Netflix app provides suggestions to its users based on their previously watched shows; similarly, Amazon provides suggestions for similar purchase items, depending on the user’s browsing history and recent checkouts.

Blockchain Technology for Mobile Payment Apps

The cryptocurrency boom has paved the way for Blockchain technology to be explored for its various financial uses. It offers impressive protection from fraud and efficiency, accessibility, and interoperability on a global scheme. This is why mobile app builders have created various mobile payment apps compatible with Blockchain Technology.

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